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Committee on Radioecology

  1. Statements on the monitoring of natural environmental radioactivity
  2. Limitation and monitoring of emissions and immissions of radioactive substances
  3. Radioecological models and methods of calculation
  4. Radiation exposure of the general public and at workplaces due to natural or artificial radionuclides
  5. Protection of the environment against the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation; radiation exposure of animals and plants
  6. Pursuit of national and international developments in the field of radioecology
  7. General concepts for release from regulatory control (clearance) and exemption levels
  8. Harmonization of assumptions, parameters, and units of different calculational models used in Germany
  9. Statements and recommendations on the national implementation of international directives and recommendations (e. g. EURATOM directives, ICRP recommendations).

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