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Committee on Radiological Protection in Medicine

  1. Practical implementation of radiation protection principles
  2. General evaluation of diagnostic radiation exposure in medicine (benefit – risk ? dose saving)

    • Mamma diagnostics
    • Mammography screening
    • Comparison of conventional X-ray diagnostics with other methods (NMR, ultrasound, PET, SPECT etc.)
  3. Evaluation of new radiotherapeutic applications
  4. Radiation protection in the application of radioactive substances and ionizing radiation in medical research
  5. Qualification of radiation protection physicians, medical physics experts, and other medical personnel
  6. Development and updating of criteria for referrals to radiological and nuclear-medical examinations
  7. Statements and recommendations on the national implementation of international directives and recommendations (e. g. EURATOM directives, ICRP recommendations)
  8. Statements on decisions proposed by the German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), if they pertain to methods applying radioactive substances or ionising radiation to humans.

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