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Committee on Radiological Potection in Nuclear Installations

  1. Advice on radiological questions raised in connection with supervisory procedures for certain nuclear facilities
  2. Advice on issues relating to the limitation of radioactive emissions and occupational radiation protection as far as licensing-specific problems are concerned
  3. Development of recommendations and statements on the individual licensing procedures
  4. Advice on and development of statements on changes of KTA standards
  5. Advice on issues relating to the development of recommendations, directives, and guidelines and on radiation protection in nuclear installations
  6. Advice on radiation protection issues relating to the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations

Next to the seven committees, 20 working groups are currently working on special tasks in agreement with the competent Federal Ministry.

In the field of nuclear installation safety, the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK) advises the Federal Ministry in related matters. From the nature of the assigned tasks follows the mutually complementary standpoint taken by the commissions when advising on questions concerning reactor safety and radiological protection. As there were sometimes close correlations between safety and radiation protection issues, it was necessary for the two commissions to be in agreement on those issues until 1998. For this purpose, the chairmen of SSK and RSK often mutually exchanged the protocols of their commission's sessions and decisions. The recommendations and statements, prepared within the framework of licensing procedures for nuclear installations, are included by the Reactor Safety Commission in its own detailed recommendations for the individual installation.

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