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Guidance on diagnostic imaging in medicine

Recommendation by the German Commission on Radiological Protection

Adopted at the 231. Meeting of the SSK on 09./10.12.2008


When the German Commission on Radiological Protection worked out a guidance on radiological and nuclear medical examinations in Germany on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in 2006, continuous adjustment of the recommendations to the actual state of medical science and technology was stipulated. During the two years elapsed since the publications of the first edition, constructive proposals for amendments and improvements have been contributed by physicians, scientific organisations and working groups. Following assessment by an expert group, these proposals were largely adopted either directly or after minor modifications. Furthermore, the use of diagnostic imaging was reviewed and adjusted to the state of science. Alterations were also made to the weighting of the various procedures, e.g. ultrasound and magnetic resonance tomography have gained in importance in the clarification of several problems. The spectrum of indications for PET and PET/CT has enlarged as well. The nationwide introduction of the breast cancer early detection programme (Mammography screening) in Germany also permitted to account for the recommendations on examinations of asymptomatic women 50 to 69 years of age.

Please note: Chapter J "Breast Disorders" was amended in 2010 on the basis of the first up-date of the S3 guideline "Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Germany“.

The amended guidance was published as the 2nd revised edition of issue 51 in the series "Berichte der Strahlenschutzkommission" (Reports of the Commission on Radiological Protection).

Download PDF (german, updated in 2010)

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