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Protecting the environment in the context of radiation protection

Recommendation by the German Commission on Radiological Protection

Adopted at the 286th meeting of the German Commission on Radiological Protection on 01 December 2016


Protecting the environment has long been a part of radiation protection. However, no specific regulations have been put in place for the protection of non-human species and as well as environmental media such as water, soil and air. In 2008, the Federal Environment Ministry asked that the SSK draw up standards for environmental protection in the context of radiation protection. It should also be reviewed how principles governing environmental protection, in particular the principles of sustainable development, can be applied to radioactive substances.

This SSK recommendation is intended as a methodical framework for the Federal Environment Ministry which provides an approach consistent with the latest scientific research for the detection and evaluation of radioactive environmental contamination in Germany. With this approach the existing gap in the coverage of radiation protection, which to date only focusses on the adverse effects on human health, is to be closed by supplementing radiation protection with another component on non-human species and other environmental assets.

This recommendation replaces the SSK statement On the feasibility of the European Commission’s proposals regarding Chapter IX of the new European basic standards on radiation protection of 5-6 July 2012 and the SSK recommendation Implementation of Article 65 (2) of the new European Basic Safety Standards on radiation protection for the protection of the environment of 13 December 2013.

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