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Band 04a: Medical procedures in the event of nuclear power plant accidents

Guidelines for: Medical consultants for emergency response commander, Physicians in Emergency Care Centres, Physicians in outpatient and inpatient care

Redaktion: Simone Genkel, Bonn
2008, 77 Seiten, 2 Abbildungen, 7 Tabellen
ISBN 978-3-87344-148-4, 20,00 €

After the first publication in 1986 and the revision in 1995, these guidelines on medical procedures in the event of nuclear power plant accidents are now available in the third edition. The statement made in the first edition is still true today: the risk of a nuclear power plant accident in which members of the public of the Federal Republic of Germany are exposed to radioactive materials or ionising radiation can be regarded as very low. However, it can not of course be completely ruled out and therefore those within Germany responsible for emergency preparedness are of the opinion that procedures must be in place for such events. The concept of these guidelines has not changed significantly. Medical actions outlined in the “Basic Recommendations for Emergency Preparedness in the Environment of Nuclear Facilities” and in “Radiological Bases for Decisions on Measures for the Protection of the Population against Accidental Releases of Radionuclides” are described here.

This third edition has been adapted to the current state of scientific knowledge. The updated recommendations regarding the distribution of stable iodine for thyroid blocking have also been incorporated. In addition, the term radiation protection physician and his required professional knowledge were also specified. The primary emphasis is on an explanation of the physicians’ role in emergency care centres. By contrast, procedures not provided in emergency care centres were only described cursorily. This refers especially to the general basic principles of inpatient care of people with accidental whole body exposure, which the previous edition dealt with extensively. These explanations were removed and included in volume 32 “The radiation accident”. Here in volume 4, only basic principles necessary for a diagnostic assessment are included.


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