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Band 32a. The radiation accident

A guideline on initial procedures

Redaktion: Simone Genkel, Bonn
2., revised and updated edition Auflage, 2010, 151 Seiten, 18 Abbildungen, 18 Tabellen
ISBN 978-3-87344-160-6, 30,00 €

A working group of the committee “Radiation Protection in Medicine” revised volume 32 “The radiation accident” of publication series "Publications of the German Commission on Radiological Protection", whose first edition was published in 1996.

This volume covers increased radiation exposures due to accidents involving few people, for whom it is possible to take individual measures (the medical measures in case of nuclear power plant accidents with further reaching consequences are dealt with in volume 4). It is addressed to people who may be involved in the management of a radiation accident. It contains instructions starting with first aid and ending with the transfer of the affected people to special facilities which are able to perform specific diagnostics and therapies.

This guideline is aimed at ensuring both adequate preparation for such an event and well-regulated performance of necessary procedures in the case of such an event. It also serves for education and training purposes.

In the revision, especially the current regulations, such as the amended Radiation Protection Ordinance, were taken into account. Furthermore, a chapter on sequential diagnostics has been included in volume 32.

Excerpt from the table of contents

  • Procedure in the event of radiation accidents
  • Radiation protection – definitions and explanations
  • Application of radioactive material and ionising radiation, course of the accident
  • Biological radiation effects
  • Contamination and incorporation
  • Accident management and treatment options
  • Further diagnostic procedures


  • Notification of accident, questionnaire radiation accident
  • List of regional radiation protection centres
  • Data on frequently used nuclides


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